What Are Car Socks?

Socks aren’t just something to cover your feet anymore. You can choose striped, argyle, patterned, or funky colors.  You can choose between toe socks, knee socks, or dress socks. They can be quite fashionable, actually! The same holds true for a new product called “car socks.” This isn’t about function so much as it’s about showing your support for college sports. Sure, you could call it a “mirror cover,” but that just doesn’t sound as intriguing, does it?

Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Car Sock:

1.       REAL fans brand themselves with the team logo in as many ways as possible. Here’s another!

2.       Bumper stickers can be defaced by punk-ass vandals, faded in the sun, or scratched off purely by accident. Car socks made from spandex and polyester are way more durable.

3.       If you’re the sort of person who totals your car on a regular basis, then you’ll be happy to know you can remove the car sock (which is held on by a plastic cord fastener) and move it to your next sweet ride.

4.       You don’t get to be young and hip forever, so why not celebrate your college years with a little bit of proud celebration? Driving around with a college car sock is a good way to advertise you’re not a teenager anymore. 

5.       Crap! You accidentally wore the colors of the opposing team to the game. Instantly, you’re paranoid… what if people think you’re a fan of the enemy? A car sock may not prevent you from getting pummeled in the stadium, but it can certainly prevent your car from getting keyed.

Car Socks

6.       Are you tired of the school flag on your car overpowering the Foo Fighters, Modest Mouse, and Jimmy Eat World? A car sock is silent, but deadly.

7.       It’s easy to install – even when you are drunk and tailgating.

8.       Show your “super fan” friends up by getting something they’ve probably never seen before.  

9.       You hate to admit it, but you’re one of those people that spends 20 minutes wandering around the parking lot trying to find your car. Maybe your car is new and looks like every other car in the lot. With a car sock, you’ll never lose sight of your precious baby.

10.   They’re cheap as hell! Let’s be reasonable here: If you wanted to buy a Jersey for your college team, that could set you back $50. (That’s how many beers?!)Instead, you can get two of these suckers for just $14.95. 



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